NY state primaries will be held on Tuesday, June 25, 2019 and the general election will be on November 5, 2019. Find your polling place (and your legislative district) here and please join us in supporting these candidates:

vivian street, county legislator in district 13
democratic primary — 6/25/19


Vivian Street is a mother, a grandmother, a proud graduate of East Ramapo Schools, a high-school teacher, a union organizer, and an advocate for people with developmental disabilities for over 4 decades. Vivian is passionate about the survival of Spring Valley, and all of Rockland County, as a diverse community. She believes in strong public schools and safe, affordable housing. Like many of us who live here, Vivian is sick and tired of the corruption and the elected officials who have become self-serving and have forgotten why they were elected. As a resident of Rockland County since 1966, Vivian has seen first-hand the changes in her community due to overzealous developers creating housing that is not to code. She has watched as families that she has known for decades moved away because of overcrowded conditions and a school district that has been systematically underfunded. Rather than give up, Vivian decided to stay and fight for her district and her community. She knows it is an uphill struggle, but she believes in the power of her community. She is running to lend a voice to those who can’t speak or who are too scared to speak for themselves. She believes that the residents of Legislative District 13 deserve a legislator with integrity and honesty, someone that understands what good government means.

We wholeheartedly agree, and that is why we are endorsing Vivian Street for LD 13 in the Democrat primary against Aron Wieder on June 25, 2019. Vivian is running on the Democrat and WFP lines.

Learn more about Vivian at her website and volunteer for her campaign by emailing Vivian4Legislature@gmail.com.

Nicole Doliner for Clarkstown Supervisor
General Election — 11/5/19


Nicole Doliner is running to become CLARKSTOWN’S FIRST WOMAN SUPERVISOR! Yes, you really did read that correctly. It’s 2019, and Clarkstown still has not had a female town supervisor. Not only that, but Clarkstown’s Town Board (like 80% of the Town Boards in Rockland) is composed entirely of men. Let’s change that!

Nicole is a fiscal analyst for the County, a former Peace Corps volunteer, a wife and a mother. She is running because Clarkstown is becoming less sustainable every day in every way. Nicole, who has 20 years of government finance experience, is prepared to put Clarkstown’s fiscal house in order. She will bring in a team of experts to replace the patronage appointees. Nicole is dedicated to sustainable neighborhoods because runaway development is neither environmentally nor economically sustainable.

Nicole has been civically engaged for many years: she helped lead the fight against the Palisades Mall and has promoted open space acquisition, she served on the Open Space Committee, the Zoning Board, and the United Way Board. She is currently secretary of the New York State Democratic Committee’s Progressive Caucus.

The recent direction of the country is the spark that motivated her to run for office and help make Clarkstown a better place. Nicole has a knack for working collaboratively with communities, and she is committed to ending the divisive rhetoric that extends from Washington to Clarkstown Hall. She understands that in order to thrive, Clarkstown needs solutions, not hate and fear.

Nicole is ready to fight to keep Clarkstown the wonderful place she proudly calls home. And we are ready to join her in that fight!

Visit Nicole’s Facebook page to learn more about her and to volunteer for her campaign.

Sandy Davis for County Legislator District 9
General Election — 11/5/19

Screen Shot 2019-05-29 at 2.52.44 PM.png

Sandy Davis is a wife, a mother, a grandmother, a former VP at JP Morgan Chase, a substitute teacher in East Ramapo, a founding member of Creative Aging in Nyack, and a martial artist. An immigrant from Trinidad, she has lived in Rockland since 1987. She is running for legislator because she wants to provide services to ALL residents, and to help others achieve their rightful place in our community. Sandy, who volunteered for Obama’s campaign in 2008, first began to think about running for office after the 2016 election. Sandy hopes not only to make Rockland County a more just, equitable place to live, but also hopes to become a role model for her students and young constituents. In our humble opinion, she already is! Sandy is running on the Democrat and WFP lines. If you would like to help her campaign, email her at: Davissandra907@gmail.com 

Julie Goldberg for County Legislator District 15
General Election — 11/5/19

julie goldberg.jpg

Julie Goldberg is an educator, librarian, mother, writer, activist, union member, and child of the working class. She is running for County Legislature because local government affects every aspect of our daily lives: our environment, our water, our transportation, and the services the entire community relies on. Julie understands that we are living through dangerous times, and she wants to put her education, experience, and talents to use in order to make a difference in her community during this historical moment. When it comes to getting off the sidelines and making a difference, Julie is already a hometown hero. Unwilling to accept that SD38 would be the only IDC district without a primary challenger, Julie jumped right in with a grassroots-powered campaign against David Carlucci. Even though she lost her bid for State Senate, Julie takes pride in knowing that her race forced David to become a better Democrat. Julie is passionate about many issues: education, public libraries, the environment, mental health, and reproductive freedom are only a few of them. She excels at creating collaborative solutions to difficult challenges, and we can’t wait to see her take on the challenge of the Rockland Legislature!

To learn more about Julie, visit her website and Facebook page.